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Hiraya Alonto

  • Professional Content Maker And Senior Advisor.
  • Analyze Of Gaming Markets And Digital Creator In Gambling Industry.
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About Me

Born on June 27, 1995, in the Philippines, Hiraya Alonto has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of online gambling and casinos. Her journey, marked by academic excellence and a deep passion for the gambling sector, has led her to become a senior advisor and a celebrated content creator in the industry.

Early Life and Education

Hiraya was born and raised in a family that valued education and intellectual curiosity. She showed an early interest in writing and technology, which paved the way for her future career. After completing her secondary education at one of the prestigious high schools in the Philippines, she pursued higher education at the University of the Philippines.

In 2017, Hiraya graduated with a Ph.D. in Journalism, a field that allowed her to blend her love for writing with a keen interest in research and analysis. Her academic journey was not just about acquiring knowledge; it was also about exploring various facets of media and communication.

Professional Beginnings

Hiraya began her professional career at the Manila Times magazine. Her role as a writer involved in-depth research and reporting on various topics, including sports. It was during this time that she developed an interest in sports betting, which later evolved into a fascination with the broader online gambling industry.

Shift to Online Gambling Industry

The legislative changes in the gambling sector in 2018 were a turning point for Hiraya. Recognizing the potential and dynamism of the online gambling world, she decided to immerse herself completely in this field. Her goal was to leverage her journalistic skills to share knowledge and insights with other players and enthusiasts.

Role at CasinoPhilippines10.com

Hiraya joined CasinoPhilippines10.com as a senior advisor and professional content creator. In this role, she took on the responsibility of researching, editing, and publishing content for both traditional and online media platforms. Her work involved producing engaging content for digital resources such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where she connected with a broader audience.

Hiraya’s expertise in analyzing reader data and developing content strategies significantly enhanced user engagement. Her ability to dissect complex gaming market trends and translate them into understandable and relatable content made her a valuable asset to the organization.

Questions and answers: the “Hiraya Alonto thought”

Your opinion on the strict gambling regulations

“Strict but fair”, as the famous motto says. We know that the goal is to prevent the harmful effects of gambling on the community: it is one thing to have a passion but it is quite another to lose control. At the same time, a gaming paradise is being built that avoids fraud, an ever-present problem when it comes to the internet.2.

Your opinion on the recent changes to the gambling regulation

Despite being a frequent visitor to non-gambling platforms and sites, I closely follow all the news and updates on regulations. After all, it’s also a bit of my duty, isn’t it? Needless to deny that I was most struck by the speech on the Single Philippines Self-Exclusion Register (RUA, ed), since it is the umpteenth squeeze on the market.

Your attitude towards the self-exclusion scheme

Did we need to give a player the possibility to protect himself from easy access to bets and games? Maybe yes, but we are talking about a system that requires great awareness that is often lacking. However, I find it an important decision to help gamers protect themselves from temptation. How do you stop a sweet tooth kid in a candy store? Educating him!

Your favorite casino games

I find it impossible to resist in front of the snazzy machines that manage to combine good gameplay and graphics (yes, I love to notice game details). It is also difficult for me to give up cards where luck is not enough but logic and skill are needed: Among all I would say that blackjack remains the first choice when I connect to non gambling betting sites.

Your advice for new Philippines casino players

Do you know what you are doing? Do you have money to use and are you possibly willing to lose it without compromising yourself? If the answer to one of the two questions is “No”, then it is imperative to avoid money games and you can train with the For Fun versions. The beauty of gambling is the perception of a risk, but to take risks you need rationality.

Your opinion on the evolution of gambling in the coming years

I think it’s an expanding market thanks to online platforms that not only do their own good, but also manage to give light to land-based casinos all over the world. And the players thank you clearly! However, it would not surprise me to see a mass shift towards digital realities: they are comfortable, safe and you can play in your pajamas, without creasing your best suit!

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