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Terms and Conditions

CasinoPhilippines10.com is a website that is operated by a company registered in Philippine.

Upon visiting and using the services of CasinoPhilippines10.com, you agree with our Terms and Conditions. Our team recommends that you read the below-listed Terms and Conditions and get acquainted with our Privacy and Cookie Policy before using our website’s services.

We reserve the rights for Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy and Cookie Policy to be modified, changed, or amended at any time. Users of CasinoPhilippines10.com would be informed about such actions via a pop-up message regarding any amendments made.

Our Terms

The terms, such as We and Us used in Terms and Conditions, refer to CasinoPhilippines10.com. The term You refers to all users of our website.


All content on the CasinoPhilippines10.com website is owned by Us. You are strictly prohibited from using or copying our content in a way that is unacceptable due to copyright. Please note that copyright infringement is punishable under Philippines law. It is restricted from copying, reposting, or stealing any intellectual property from CasinoPhilippines10.com that is further used on your own website.


CasinoPhilippines10.com is a website that works as a gambling information service. It does not handle any complaints associated with gambling websites and online casinos enlisted on our website. It is advised to contact these casino support service providers to solve any issues that might arise.

Information and Accuracy of Bonuses Listed

Neither CasinoPhilippines10.com nor any third-parties involved in our operations take responsibility for volume, accuracy, performance, completeness, and overall work of the information and materials that can be found on this website. All the presented data on our website is subject to personal opinions as well as human error. Please note that You have to keep a critical eye on all the content enlisted on our website.

We do our best to deliver only complete, objectivity-driven, and accurate information. We also recommend all our readers double-check the terms and conditions of specific gambling websites before starting to play there.


Our website cannot guarantee that it would be free of viruses or malware. It is highly encouraged for our users to use all the sorts of virus protection to protect your devices. Do not misuse the CasinoPhilippines10.com website to install viruses, malware, logic bombs, or any other content that might be harmful to other users. In case You attempt to do so, We reserve the right to report such actions to the applicable law enforcement. This is done under the Computer Misuse Act of 1990.

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All users of our website are welcome to link our site only under the conditions of using it accurately and properly. Be sure not to link the CasinoPhilippines10.com website for any threatening or harmful actions that might be negatively affecting our reputation. We also reserve the right to withdraw anytime. We find it obligatory without informing the linking permission.

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Users will come across dozens of external links while browsing the content of our website. This is explained by the character of our resource. We do not hold any responsibility for these external links, alongside having no control over them. That is why CasinoPhilippines10.com is not responsible for the content and quality of services provided by these external links. Please note that CasinoPhilippines10.com cannot control these external links and cannot modify, amend, or change the content there.

Applicable Law in the Case of Legal Disputes

If any legal dispute between the CasinoPhilippines10.com and the users take place, it will be governed by the law of the Philippines. Both parties agree to the legal system of the Philippines as an exclusive jurisdiction.

Live Chat Rules

By accessing the Live Chat feature of the CasinoPhilippines10.com, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will not post any data that is false, abusive, sexually-oriented, unrelated to gambling, defamatory, obscene, threatening, discriminatory, or such that invasive one’s privacy. Please note that no ways that violate International law are permitted.
  • You cannot make arguments that are threatening, insulting, abusive, or defamatory to live chat representatives.
  • You cannot make arguments that advertise or promote the content of other resources and websites.
  • You cannot use the CasinoPhilippines10.com website with the aim of publishing complaints that have to be solved via email means.
  • Please note that formatting is important. Although we do not require to have a perfect text, pay attention to spelling and grammar rules. Do not use Caps Lock for your messages since angry chants will not be considered to be answered.
  • In case you fail to meet the mentioned rules, your presence on the website may result in the immediate suspension or the entire ban of your account.
  • Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in immediate suspension and/or permanent ban of your account.

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