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Coconut Capital

Philippines – the Coconut Capital

Our planet is a constellation of countries, and this is the diversity between the peoples that makes this world a beautiful place to live. There are states that mesmerize their visitors with technologies, and there are states that make sure that those coming to visit them won’t forget the omnipresent natural beauty that the country is filled with. While the Philippines is a mix of both, it should be claimed that there is actually one thing that makes this country ...

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Language History

Language History and Situation in the Philippines

Language is something more than just a set of words and grammar rules used to relay information between people. Language is the factor that identifies a nation and serves as the plane for building and fostering a nation’s identity. Talking about the Philippines, it should be acknowledged that it is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, as it is home to so many ethnolinguistic groups that not every scholar can name a precise number. As a ...

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